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All Categories > Plastic Pallets > Rackable Pallets > Item # 36x36 CIISF Pallets  
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Item # 36x36 CIISF Pallets, Item #: 36x36 CIISF Pallets

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  • All Stackable pallets are green products which are 100% recyclable.
  • Reusable pallets increase service life and cut distribution costs.
  • Double-deck rackable pallet.
  • An efficient, environmental and economical alternative to wooden pallets.
  • Reusable plastic pallets have an advantage of being lightweight, free of nails, splinters and broken boards, reducing injuries often contributed to wooden pallets.
  • Commonly used as a beverage pallet to convey and ship finished goods.
  • The pallets' dimensions have been constructed with consistency, allowing for easy compatibility with a variety of rapid automation, conveyor belts and product handling machines.
  • Compatible with 4-way fork and hand truck entries.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

Specifications  · Pallet Accessories and Indentification Options


Pallet Manufacturing Process

Structural Foam

Outside Length

35.90 in.

Outside Width

35.90 in.


5.60 in.


34.0 lbs

Static Load Capacity

20000 lbs

Dynamic Load Capacity

3000 lbs

Rack Compatibility Selective/Edge


Rack Compatibility Decking/Center


Truckload Qty 53' Trailer


Pallet Accessories and Indentification Options
For increased efficiency and flexibility, a variety of options and accessories are available for pallets. Many identification options allow for the use of bar code scanning, required into today's fast paced automated environments.

Not all options and accessories are available with all products.

Pallet Identification Options:

Molded-In Logo Identification is a permanent identification that is molded into the pallet or top cap at the time of construction. At the time of ordering, original artwork must be supplied. Molded-in identification availability is dependent on space and size.

Hot Stamp Identification:

Uses 1/2" block capital letters placed in a specific area of the pallet or top cap. Hot stamp ID cannot be used with thermoformed (HMWPE) pallets. Availability is dependent on space and size of area on each pallet.
Identification Plates

Are firm plastic plates which affix securely to a pallet or container. These plates are durable offering long wear. Identification plates arc available for all pallets, but location of the plates can be different for each pallet.
Vinyl Labels

Are flexible plastic labels which affix securely to a pallet or container. These long lasting labels are available for all fhcrmoformed (HMWPE) pallets, but location of the labels can be different for each pallet.
Custom Color Striping

Provides a distinctive identification option and is available on most thermoformed pallets and thcrmofonned sleeve pack pallets. Standard widths are available in two and four inch stripes. Stripe colors are necessary when ordering and minimum quantities are required.
Rubber Grommets

Are designed to stabilize unit loads guarding from load shifting, while offering a non-skid surface. Precise areas arc chosen on the pallet deck, fork tine area or feet of pallets in order to obtain the best pallet support. Grommets are available on 40"x48" rackable pallets and 40"x48" Structural Channel pallets. Add clear Anti-Skid Disks for extra security, available for a variety of pallet styles.
Deck Inserts and Leg Covers

Snap into pallets to cover leg hole openings, which can prevent obstruction with small loads, conveyor systems, and handling equipment. Inserts and covers designed for 45"x48"-A pallet and nestable and stackable 48"x48" and 48"x 72" structural foam pallets. Stocked Color: Black Note: Pallets will not nest after inserts have been installed.
ScanBelt Assemblies

Are designed to lock and secure pallet and top-cap loads. The original 60"seat belt is perfect for high stack loads, providing a secure fit on short stack heights. The easy-grab tongue loop prevents the belt from retracting into the pallet. Seat Belts are available on various 30"x36", 40"x 48" and 45"x 48" pallets. Stocked Color: Black
Non-Skid Diamond Pattern Surface

Prevents product slippage and is available on selected pallets.

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