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Straight-Wall Containers

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Straight Wall Containers

Our heavy-duty plastic straight-wall distribution and storage containers are designed to maximize a standard 48 x 45 AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) pallet. With 1/4 being the largest configuration (4 containers per layer per pallet) and 1/24 being the smallest (24 containers per layer per pallet), you may pick and choose which combination of containers best suites your needs. Our exclusively designed cross-stacking bottom ensures that these containers will remain locked in to their position when jostled from shipping or movement in the plant.

Pallet and Top Cap Systems

We offer Pallet and Top Cap Systems for our Straight-Wall Hand Held Containers. These systems allow you to load you pallet to whatever height you desire (top layer must be level) and then place the Top Cap on top of the containers. The Top Cap is then secured to the Pallet using a seat belt system where the seat belt, built into the Pallet, snaps into the Top Cap for secure shipping. These can then stack on top of each other for shipping or storage. When there are no totes on top of the Pallet, the Top Cap can sit right on top of the Pallet and lock into place.
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