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Rackable Pallets

Plastic Pallets | Rackable Plastic Pallets - Rackable plastic pallets optimize storage, reduce product damage that can occur from wood pallets or skids and ease the movement of product loads throughout a system. Rackable plastic pallets are designed to store products in a wide variety of unsupported racking systems, to optimize valuable floor space in today’s warehouses and distribution systems. 100% recyclable pallets are an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to wood pallets or skids. Reusable Transport Packaging offers multiple reusable pallet styles for every racking application, with unsupported rack capacities of up to 3,000 lbs. These stackable pallets are highly cleanable and available in a wide variety of materials, including FDA approved or fire retardant material.

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40 x 48 OP CIISF Rackable Pallets

  • Reusable pallets have a long service life and cut distribution costs.
  • All rackable pallets are green products which are 100% recyclable.
  • An efficient, environmental and economical alternative to wooden pallets.
  • Beverage Pallets constructed from FDA approved materials are also available.
  • Pallets labeled with "FM” in their model name are fire-retardant.
  • One-piece, double-faced pallet ideal for double stacking, racking systems and conveyor use.
  • Ideal for food, pharmaceutical, industrial and commercial applications.
  • Pallets are easy-to-clean and have special air-flow vents making them ideal for food and grocery applications.
  • Compatible with 4-way fork and hand truck entries.
  • Pallets ...

36 x 36 CIISF Reusable Pallets

  • All Stackable pallets are green products which are 100% recyclable.
  • Reusable pallets increase service life and cut distribution costs.
  • Double-deck rackable pallet.
  • An efficient, environmental and economical alternative to wooden pallets.
  • Reusable plastic pallets have an advantage of being lightweight, free of nails, splinters and broken boards, reducing injuries often contributed to wooden pallets.
  • Commonly used as a beverage pallet to convey and ship finished goods.
  • The pallets' dimensions have been constructed with consistency, allowing for easy compatibility with a variety of rapid automation, conveyor belts and product handling machines.
  • Compatible with 4-way fork and hand truck entries.

Heavy-Duty Pallet Series


Heavy-Duty Rackable 40 x 32 Pallet

Rackable pallets are ideal for use in warehouse racking systems. They offer a picture-frame bottom with runners on all four sides adding safety and stability.
These pallets are designed to work well with stack loading, closed-loop transport and a variety of automated distribution systems and shipping applications.

Optional rubber grommets or lips can be added to pallet tops to minimize slippage, adding security and safety to large cargo loads.
  • Available in 3-Runner style.
  • Reinforcement rods add extra hard-wearing, edge-racking capabilities.

Heavy-Duty Rackable 37 x 37 Pallet


Heavy Duty Rackable 44 x 48 Pallet


Heavy-Duty Rackable 48 x 40 Pallet


MAGNARAX Picture Frame Pallet

Our RAKMAX pallet is engineered as a durable, lightweight one-piece design with an inexpensive cost. Constructed with recycled HDPE plastics, the picture-frame bottom with runners on all four sides adds safety and stability.
These pallets are designed to work well with warehouse racking systems, closed loop transport and a variety of automated distribution and shipping applications.

Additionally, RAKMAX pallets are built to withstand full static loads of 2 or more high and rack capacities of up to 2200 lbs.
  • Optional rubber grommets are available.
  • On request, a lip can be added to minimize slippage.

Universal Pallet

  • Vented top-deck designed with ergonomic handles for easy, safe lifting.
  • Made with flame retardant technology offering flame retardant pallets.
  • Low profile GMA approved pallet. Compatible with most racking and conveyors systems.
  • Bottom runners are easily repaired or replaced on-the-job.
  • For extra durability, steel reinforcement rods have been built in.

Rack-able Pallet FD-3240

Durability and strength are trademarks of these reliable pallets. They are single units and allow for higher stackable strength. The pallet does not soak up water or other toxins. The tare weight is constant to reduce shipping costs.
  • 100% recyclable and reusable.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Extremely strong and stable due to rib design.
  • Easily transported with forklift aided by reinforced, beveled fork entries.
  • Sidewalls are impact resistant.
  • Load surface is continuous and flat to allow maximum product shipping volume.
  • Easy-to-clean and resilient to most chemicals.
  • Lock feature provides the utmost load stability and security.
  • Easy and safe hand holes.
  • Ideal for hot, cold and wet conditions.
  • Comes in 8 color ...
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