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All Categories > Material Handling > Drum Handling & Spill Containment  

Drum Handling & Spill Containment

Drum Handling Equipment - Drum Chocks, Drum Dollies, Fork Truck Drum Carrier/Rotators, Drum N' Barrel Safety Truck - a large variety of drum handling equipment and spill containment products which includes the following. Drum Chocks,Drum Dollies,Drum Handling Trucks, and much more.

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drum 1

Drum Chocks

Drum Chocks - Eliminate the need for expensive specialty racks and stands to store
your drums horizontally. Now with the drum chock you can store your
drums horizontally on standard pallet racks or on wooden pallets. The
chock eliminates rolling while drums are stored on their side. Models are
also available to tilt drums forward for better drainage from standard
faucets. Front stops are included on tilted models to eliminate drum side
off. Constructed of recycled polyethylene.

Drums not included.
drum 2

Drum Dollies

Drum Dollies - Transport ordinary or specialty styled drums easily with this multipurpose drum dolly.

  • 1000 lbs. capacity
  • Hard rubber casters
  • drum 3

    Plastic Drum Pallet & Low Profile Spill Decks

    Plastic Drum Pallet & Low Profile Spill Decks - Plastic Drum Pallet #VE-DRUM-4848
  • Constructed from 100% polyethylene
  • Move drums from workstation to workstation with a fork truck or pallet truck
  • Holds (4) 55 gallon drums
  • 4-way fork entry, reversible and holes for drainage

    Low Profile Spill Decks:
  • Designed to catch spills
  • VE-VLPDP-2448 (not shown) has a volume capacity of 9 gallons
  • VE-VLPDP-4448 has an 18 gallon volume capacity
  • Manufactured from chemical resistant polyethylene
  • Removable decking standard
  • drum 4

    Drum Tiers

    Drum Tiers - Increases storage space
  • Designed to help maximize floor space in a safe and
         convenient manner
  • Lightweight design utilizes one person operation
  • Handles steel drums up to five units high
  • Tabs keep drums aligned when stacked

    Drums not included.
  • drum 5

    Drum Transport and Stacking Stand

    Drum Transport and Stacking Stand - Transport 30 or 55-gallon fiber, plastic or steel drums with the use of
    a pallet truck or fork truck. A special understructure with fork tine lock
    tabs minimizes the possibility of the drum accidentally tipping while
    being transported with a fork truck. The Drum Stand also allows for
    drum stacking for compact storage of drums up to three high (empty
    stands are nestable and stackable). Capacity is 1,500 pounds. Stand
    is painted with a powder coat safety yellow paint finish.

    **Pallet jack and drums not included.
    drum 6

    Fork Truck Drum Carrier/Rotators

    Fork Truck Drum Carrier/Rotators - Easily transport and rotate 55 gallon steel drums using a fork truck
  • 15 foot long chain allows drum to be rotated up to 360° from fork truck operator's seat
  • Fork pockets measure 7 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" high usable
  • Safety chain secures unit to fork truck
  • Bung Nut Wrench included for opening and closing drums
  • * Drums must be filled to rotate at rated capacity
  • drum 7

    Lo-Profile Drum Caddies With Bung Wrench Handle

    Lo-Profile Drum Caddies With Bung Wrench Handle - Reduce injuries caused by manually lifting and moving drums
  • Transports (1) 55 or 30 gallon drum or (2) 5 gallon pails
  • Unit rolls easily on two 6" x 2" rigid wheels and one 3" x 1" swivel
  • Removable handle doubles as a bung wrench and seal remover
  • Cradle height is 1/2"
  • Inside cradle diameter is 23 1/2"
  • Steel construction
  • Yellow paint finish

    To use:
  • Align unit in front of drum, remove handle, and grip drum with the
  • Tip drum up while guiding the caddy base under the drum
  • Re-attach handle and transport drum to desired location

    Drums not included.
  • drum 8

    Poly Drum Cradles

    Poly Drum Cradles - Dispense drum contents into smaller containers and avoid messy
    clean-ups. This horizontal drum cradle collection system captures
    all spills and leaks and stores them in the interior of the hollow
    cradle for reuse or safe, clean disposal.
  • 2" NPT drain plug standard
  • Fork entry measure 6" x 3"
  • Made from 100% virgin polyethylene

    Model VE-VCRD-P features:
  • Retractable handles for tilting and positioning drums
  • Includes a round contoured lower back for easier rotation
          of drums from horizontal to vertical position
  • 6" x 2" polyolefin wheels

    Drums not included.
  • drum 9

    Revolving Drum Carts

    Revolving Drum Carts - These drum carts are designed to rotate 55 gallon drums from the
    vertical position to the horizontal position so their contents may be
    emptied. Simple one-person operation. Steel construction. Powder
    coat finish.
  • Equipped with rollers for mixing
  • Includes a built in drip pan to provide a clean safe work floor
  • Rolls on two 3" swivel casters and two 5" rigid casters

    Drums not included.
  • drum 10

    Pallet Truck for 55 Gallon Drums

    Pallet Truck for 55 Gallon Drums - Easily secure and lift drum by actuating pump handle.
  • Lifts drum 4" off ground
  • Steering wheels 8"x2" nylon
  • Load wheels 1"x3" nylon
  • Ships unassembled (must attach handle)
  • drum 11

    "Drum King" Drum Handling Truck

    "Drum King" Drum Handling Truck - The Drum King incorporates features developed over many years
    of experience. It's design enables one man to quickly, easily and
    safely move drums weighing up to 1200 lbs. Spring loaded swing
    axle assembly keeps truck in upright position when not in use.
    Lifting toes are replaceable. 1" cold-rolled steel axle. 10"x2 1/2"
    roller bearing.
    drum 12

    Stackable Drum Racks

    Stackable Drum Racks - These steel stackable drum racks have 2-way fork truck access. Not
    recommended for stacking more than 2 racks high. All steel construction
    with a 1/4" formed steel cradles. Bolt together assembly with hardware

    Drums not included.
    drum 13

    Drum N' Barrel Safety Truck

    Drum N' Barrel Safety Truck - Rear wheel assembly makes for even weight distribution and easy,
    safe handling for the operator. Handle design allows for easy loading
    and unloading of drums on and off pallets. Double frame of 1" O.D.
    14-gauge steel tube. Spring loaded kick stand holds truck in vertical
    drum 14

    Drum 'N Barrel Truck

    Drum 'N Barrel Truck - Features a spring loaded device that helps ease the drum onto
    the wedge toes, the truck automatically returns to a vertical
    position when not in use. A foot rest helps operator to position
    truck under drum and ease breakover, and keeps loads from
    falling back on operator. Equipped with a 7/8" cold rolled steel
    axle and 10"x2 1/2" molded-on rubber-tired roller bearing wheels.
    drum 15

    Drum Truck for 85 Gallon Overpacks

    Drum Truck for 85 Gallon Overpacks -
  • Long belt allows truck to handle all poly drums.
  • Recommended primarily for the handling of overpacks.
  • Replaceable "feet" and belt.
  • Floating axle reduces effort required to break over
         and balance load.
  • 23.5" depth.
  • Industrial heavy duty 1" structural pipe frames.
  • All joints are double welded.
  • Choose wheel type (listed below).
  • drum 16

    Multi-Function Drum Truck

    Multi-Function Drum Truck - Allows you to move drums on four wheels and acts as a
         drum cradle for storage or dispensing.
  • Flame clearance for dispensing into 5 gallon pails.
  • Polyolefin rollers allow for easy faucet positioning of drums.
  • Rear axle allows for loading.
  • Kickstand
  • 16.5" drain height
  • 10" x 2.5" moldon rubber wheels
  • drum 17

    Powered Aluminum Drum Handling Truck

    Powered Aluminum Drum Handling Truck - Takes the strain out of moving heavy drums.
  • Variable speed forward and reverse
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Magnetic clutch allows drive wheels to be free wheeling
  • Wheel brake bands activated by hand lever
  • Nose prongs reversible for use with 30 and 50 gallon drums
  • Front wheels: 10" moldon rubber, aluminum hub
  • Rear wheels: 6" polyurethane
  • 1/4 HP, 24 volt motor
  • Short chime hook
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